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Use of HTML in Website

Posted By Sanjeev on Wednesday 16th September 2015

Points of HTML:

  1. HTML is a most important part of website.
  2. HTML used to create a web pages. Because any browser read only HTML files and Tag's.
  3. Angel brackets is most important part of HTML, any tag use within angel bracket's then it's working, if any character and word out side of the angel brackets browser display like a text and within opening and closing tag browser display like a paragraph.
  4. Many of tags require you to indicate where an element on your page begins('open tag') and where it ends ('closing tag').
  5. Design and thinking to be slicing only in HTML.
  6. Search engine is read whole website from HTML meta element(). Meta elements are typically used to specify page description, author of the document and other meta data.
  7. Images and videos can be shown easily on web pages.
  8. HTML can be combined with other languages such as CSS and JavaScript to create web application.
  9. In previous version of HTML is eg.(div id='header',id='footer') and HTML5 is eg.(<header>, <footer>, <article> and <section>) etc.
  10. Website looking attractive and graphical use HTML5 canvas elements. Canvas elements simply provide graphic in website.
  11. HTML5 included with adobe flash player so don't write to code of adobe flash player respect of old version.

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