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Dynamic website

Posted By Amir Raza on Friday 11th September 2015

follow point by point :

1 . Dynamic websites means data will change on run time or also we can say that at the time of execution.

2 . Most lagre websites must be made dynamic.

3 . They are easier to maintain than static websites.

4 . Dynamic pages on the other hand access information from a database.

5 . In dynamic websites content can be changed easily by technical or non-technical person in Career,Blog ,News and many more.

6 . PHP is widely popular in world and also is open source scripting language and this language is used for develope dynamic websites

7 . Mostly used on webservers to provide dynamic(run time) pages.

8 . A good knowledge of PHP,Java,.Net,Javascript,Jquery,Ajax,SQL,HTML and CSS should be when you're developing dynamic websites.

9 . Dynamic websites are used for manage huge data for large company.

10 . Dynamic websites now a days are very popular in the world some e.g of dynamic websites are ecommerce sites,railway ,stock market,travel sites & many more sites are available in the market.

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