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Dynamic website

follow point by point :1 . Dynamic websites means data will change on run time or also we can say that at the time of execution.2 . Most lagre websites must be made dynamic.3 . They are easier to maintain than static websites.4 . Dynamic pages on the other hand access information from a database.5 . In dynamic websites content can be changed easily by technical or non-technical person in Career,Blog ,News and many more.6 . PHP is widely popular in world and also is open source scripting language..

E-commerce sites

1 . E-commerce sites now a days very popular in the world in which people grow business on the e-commerce sites via the internet.2 . E-commerce subdivided into three category Business to Business(B2B),Business to Consumer(B2C) & Consumer to Consumer(C2C).3 . Drupal,Magento,Opencart and many more framework available in the market to develope E-commerce sites.4 . Any person can purchase any type of product from home with the help of electronic media(mobile,laptop,pc) on the E-commerce sites.5 ..

CMS Websites

1 . Content management system(CMS) now a days are very popular websites we can manage content of websites easily.2 . This type of sites just provide information about organization what organization provide output,facility and more.3 . Non-technical user can add/edit the content of blog,news module easily.4 . Anyone can contact the company honour by enquiry page because we provide this type of facility in cms websites and also we provide more    feature to satisfied the customer.5 ..

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