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Dynamic website

follow point by point :1 . Dynamic websites means data will change on run time or also we can say that at the time of execution.2 . Most lagre websites must be made dynamic.3 . They are easier to maintain than static websites.4 . Dynamic pages on the other hand access information from a database.5 . In dynamic websites content can be changed easily by technical or non-technical person in Career,Blog ,News and many more.6 . PHP is widely popular in world and also is open source scripting language..

Use of HTML in Website

Points of HTML:HTML is a most important part of website.HTML used to create a web pages. Because any browser read only HTML files and Tag's.Angel brackets is most important part of HTML, any tag use within angel bracket's then it's working, if any character and word out side of the angel brackets browser display like a text and within opening and closing tag browser display like a paragraph.Many of tags require you to indicate where an element on your page begins('open tag') and where it ends ..

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