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Posted By Amir Raza on Wednesday 28th October 2015

1 . Content management system(CMS) now a days are very popular websites we can manage content of websites easily.
2 . This type of sites just provide information about organization what organization provide output,facility and more.
3 . Non-technical user can add/edit the content of blog,news module easily.
4 . Anyone can contact the company honour by enquiry page because we provide this type of facility in cms websites and also we provide more
    feature to satisfied the customer.
5 . CMS sites are easily understandable & manageable & my organization also develope this type of sites.we also provide maintanance facility.
6 . In CMS sites don't need to write code by hand more & more.
7 . We use these frames wordpress,drupal,opencart & more to make cms websites.
8 . CMS has two elements:
    a . CMA(Content Management Application) this section used by organization to edit the content.
    b . CDA(Content Display Application) this section used by customer side for display the content.

9 . Managing content refers to creating ,editing,arachiving,publishing,collaboration,reporting,distributing,website content,data and  information.
10 . The main purpose of a cms is to provide the capability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage a website
     or a section of the content.
11 . Hosting charges is low & development charges is low cost and also maintanance cost is low of cms sites so any small organization
     can grow the organization using cms sites.

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